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Travel Awards

Our mission is to bring cytometrists together to discuss all things flow cytometry.  If the cost of traveling to Scottsdale is discouraging you from participating, please apply for one of our travel awards.


All flow cytometry users, including students, researchers, core facility staff, and clinical professionals from western states (or provinces).

Travel Awards may be applied to costs for:

  • Hotel (Up to 2 nights.  Must live >40 mi from venue.)

  • Airfare

  • Ground transportation

  • Parking


Instructions for Travel Award Applicants:

Please, submit a proposal as a single page.  Email the completed document as a .doc or .pdf to

Include the following information in your submission:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Institution

  • Job Title

  • A brief paragraph outlining your research interests

  • A brief paragraph explaining what you love about flow cytometry

  • Justification of need

  • Itemized budget


Award Details:

Deadline for applicants is January 24th.

Awards will be paid by reimbursement following the meeting.

Receipts MUST be included.

All documents must be submitted within one month after the meeting to be considered valid.

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